Vendor Feature #5 Circle City Growler

ccgrowlerToday we meet Circle City Growler, one of our newest and already very popular Handmade Promenade vendors . Circle City Growler is run by Aaron who makes each growler carrier from scratch at his hime studio. His  simple and economical growler holders are made from simple economical materials and methods.


The growler carriers from Circle City Growler come in a variety of styles including those with rope and wooden handles. They carry two, four, and sometimes even six growlers. Some carriers are sized perfectly to carry 4 of the “bullet” sized growler or 4 wine bottles.


Ranging in price from just $20 up to $35, you probably won’t leave Handmade Promenade on Friday, May 2nd without one. These carriers save your fingers from clawing around several hard to hold growler handles and also are great for keeping your growlers from rolling around the trunk of your car.

So, stop by Handmade Promenade on First Friday, May 2nd and pick up a growler carrier for yourself and maybe one for a friend. Don’t forget to check out the other dozen+ vendors who will be selling their wares outside at 646 Mass Ave on Friday, May 2nd!




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