Meet the Vendors for the May 2nd Handmade Promenade


It’s time to introduce our makers for the May 2 Handmade Promenade on Mass Ave. We’re really excited to welcome back a 6 vendors who have participated before as well as 12 brand new vendors. If you’ve been before, you won’t be seeing all the same vendors as in the past, but you will be seeing your favorites as well as tons of amazing new goods! Check out the links for all of our vendors below and mark May 2nd from 5pm-9pm on your calendar!

Art 2 the Extreme

Becca’s Bits and Pieces

Boris Loved Natasha

Circle City Growler

Cub Arcade

Deesum Designs

Fatty Frog Pots

Get Lathered

Growler Girls


JO Designs

KyleyCo Jewelry

Lela’s LLC

Miss Happy Pink

Starsprinkle Supercollider

Sunday Afternoon Housewife

The Brick Shirthouse

Stay tuned for features of each vendor and their amazing handmade wares starting next week- you know, just to get you pumped up for the show!

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