Introduction to Awesome: Fanfare and Foofaraw

Please allow me to introduce you to Fanfare and Foofaraw!

In her own words, Lori of Fanfare and Foofaraw makes ,”weird, kickass, lovely handmade functional ceramics, all wheel thrown or handmade from porcelain, hand painted, carved, stamped, and glazed by me. My aim is to make items that are a pleasure to use everyday, both for their look and their feel, and to get everyone eating and drinking out of handmade one-of-a-kind art!” The prices for her wonderful handmade art range from $12-$50, which make them perfectly priced to give as gifts or to keep for yourself.

Coffee and tea drinkers would love a mug. Foodies, art collectors, or people with off-kilter senses of humor might also enjoying serving some grub out one of Lori’s dishes.

Lori also has hand painted bird ornaments and octopus mini tile ornaments! They are not specifically Christmas themed, so they will look great on your tree, but you can hang them around the house year round too. Come see Lori at the Handmade Promenade on December 18th at Pure Eatery!

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