Introduction to Awesome: The CozyRose Boutique

Allow me to introduce you to Tonya Beeler of The CozyRose Boutique

Tonya is new the the Handmade Promenade collective, so I recently asked Tonya, “What do you make?”  to which she replied, “Accessories.  You name it.  As long as it can have one of my flowers attached, I’ll attach it.  Did I mention I do flowers?  Those too.  Here’s the deal.  I love pretty colors.  I love lots of pretty colors.  I started buying flowers at thrift stores.  I would rip those flower layers apart and then throw all the layers up the air.  Whatever came down, I’d put together.  I use to just make brooches.  Now you’ll see my flowers on baby hats, kid bracelets (actually the cuffs of orphan socks), headbands (stretchy and not!), adult cuffs and even wristwarmers (truth be told these are socks or sleeves that I re-made into wristwarmers). Got another idea?  Give it to me and I’ll see if I can attach a flower to it.” Tonya’s creations range in price from only $4 to $10, which means you can afford to buy your little princess a flower she can wear, or you can buy a couple and keep one for yourself!
Tonya goes on to say, “My prices are so low, even kids could really afford these to give away as gifts.  I like that about my flowers.  Most of my flowers are worn by women or little girls (babies too with my stretchy headbands) – but I don’t discriminate.  I have an artist friend who wore one on his lapel for a show once.  See, I could even attach them to jackets!!” Aren’t you excited to come see Tonya’s flower creations on December 18th at the Handmade Promenade Last Minute Market? We’ll see you there from 5-930pm.
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