Introduction to Awesome: Mocha Tree Organics

Allow me to introduce you to MOCHA TREE ORGANICS 

Mocha Tree Organics offers an exquisite line of skincare products
that takes green-living to a new height. From the sugar cane farms
in Florida to the flowering hibiscus fields in Egypt, we carefully
select certified organic and fair-trade certified ingredients that
promote sustainability of the planet's natural resources. Our
cruelty-free moisturizers and body polishes provide the perfect
beginning and end to your hectic day. We invite you to transform
your skin from dull to radiant, giving it the healthy glow that it
deserves. Green is the new black...and it looks sooooo good on you!

Body Polish - $15
Green is so in vogue. And since healthy skin never goes out of
style, it's about time that you fuse the two and become one hip
trendsetter! Begin your skincare regimen with an exfoliating
treatment that will scrub away dead skin cells, leaving you with
healthy glowing skin. Our exceptional vegan-friendly body polish
is whipped to perfection with certified organic sugar and enriched
with certified organic shea and cocoa butters. Each blend is scented
lightly with natural essential oils and is designed to melt into your
skin and rinse away clean. A body polish with no greasy residue?
Who knew???

Body Creme - $12
Not only does green look good on you, but it
smells good on you, too! And there is no better sequel to
perfectly-polished skin than our richly formulated body crème.
Certified organic shea and cocoa butters are whipped into the mix
to replenish your skin's moisture, leaving it feeling soft and oh so
touchable. Don't you think you've waited long enough to send that
dull, lifeless skin packing? And as a bonus, you'll smell so fresh
and so clean all day long. Now, who doesn't love a bonus???

Easy Gift-Giving
Our handmade polishes and cremes are perfect for everyone,
including people with sensitive skin, vegans and those who
are totally health-conscious about the products they apply to
their bodies.  You can purchase our products individually or along
with a gift box for two!
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