Introduction to Awesome: The Handmakers of Handmade Promenade

Hopefully you are fully aware that Handmade Promenade is only 18 days away. Hopefully you know we’ve got over fifteen crafters of handmade goods, 4 musicians, a Santa and a camera, and a menu of delicious food all lined up and ready to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on a (predictably) cold winter’s day. If you are curious about what you can buy at Handmade Promenade, stay tuned. Starting today and for the next 17 days, meet the artists and crafters and musicians who are coming together to make the Handmade Promenade Last Minute Market the most aweseome winter craft event Indianapolis has ever seen!

Today please allow me to introduce to you Samantha Howard of Bobaloo!

Samantha makes hand-sewn gifts for kids and baby in modern fabrics, including bibs, aprons, toys, and room decor. With gifts ranging from $5-$40, you can afford to by that special kiddo in your life a little stocking stuffer or a completely adorable crayon apron, or a crayon apron and a barrette organizer and a set of fun bean bags.
Everything Samantha designs make great kids’ gifts. Samantha says, ” I want the recipient to open up the gift from bobaloo! and say, ‘This is SO CUTE!’  I get a ton of aunts buying things to spoil their neices and nephews, plus a lot of grandmas buying for grandchildren.”
So, if you are looking to spoil kids, then bobaloo! is the place to start. In addition to her regular line of items, Samantha also has a Christmas edition Bunny Girl in red and green, holiday bibs, and holiday aprons for kiddos that are perfect for baking cookies. Now we know you can’t resist these adorable items, so come see Samantha from 5-9:30pm at the Handmade Promenade Last Minute Market!
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One Response to Introduction to Awesome: The Handmakers of Handmade Promenade

  1. sam says:

    Thanks Martha! Love the festive Christmas lights! 🙂

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