Handmade Promenade is Today!

On July 27th, the Handmade Promenade crew is holding its second craft-tasticSVFM event in conjunction with the Stadium Village Farmers’ Market. The SVFM is Downtown Indy’s number one grower/producer only market. Every vendor at the SVFM either grows their foods or creates their own food goodness with their own two hands. From fresh produce to homemade marshmallows, Bloody Mary mix to balsamic vinegar, each item is painstakingly grown or created for you to enjoy eating the finest and freshest Indianapolis has offer. This hands on attitude makes SVFM a perfect fit for the indie crafters of Handmade Promenade. Handmade Promenade will be held during regular market hours, 4-7:30pm, in the parking lot behind Shapiro’s Deli on South Meridian (click here for a map). Handmade Promenade can’t wait to see you there!

Handmade PromenadeAll Handmade Promenade vendors make their wares, ranging from sewn goods, baby clothes, to jewelry and more with their own to hands. Come and see what we have to offer you this Tuesday July 27th.

The following crafty vendors will be slinging all the awesomeness they can muster at the Handmade Promenade: Bebito, Beanblossom Studios, Cassandra Foxx Designs, Conduit Press, Cordial Kitten, EleanorMac, Elms and Cedars, Emily Hampton, Fanfare and Foofaraw, Mother Tucker Sews, The String Theories, Vanessa Monfreda, and Sunday Afternoon Housewife!

conduit press

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