Wrap Up from the first Handmade Promenade

Last Saturday, April 17th, was the first ever Handmade Promenade. It was held at Luna Music Midtown in conjunction with Record Store Day. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect (besides some occasionally gusty winds!). Everyone had a great day selling their handmade goods and chatting with old friends and making new customers. Everyone enjoyed live music and DJ sets, grilled veggie burgers, and Upland Brewery beer!

Bebito at Handmade Promenade

EleanorMac at Handmade Promenade

GeekSoap at Handmade Promenade

Sunday Afternoon Housewife at Handmade Promenade

Mother Tucker Sews at Handmade Promenade

Melbry slingin' her wares at Handmade Promenade

Besides all the awesome music and craft, there was a freakin’ horse that showed up later in the day! A craft fair can’t be any more awesome than a fair with a horse!

Not even a man on a horse could resist the awesomeness of Record Store Day and Handmade Promenade

Handmade Promenade was such a success, and everyone had such a good day, that you can expect another installment sometime much sooner than later! Stay tuned in for updates!

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