Meet A Few More Vendors of Handmade Promenade: My Wire Empire and EleanorMac

Whoa! Handmade Promenade is only a few days away! Can you believe this Saturday, April 17th, the first Handmade Promenade will take place at Luna Music on 52nd and College from 10 am -6pm? Well, guess what, it is so you better show up just so you have bragging rights saying you were at the first one! We are going to be rockin’ all day to the sounds of many bands celebrating Record Store Day 2010, so please come join us and enjoy beer from Upland Brewery and free food off the grill!

In the meantime, why not up your excitement factor by checking out these two awesome crafters who will be at Handmade Promenade this Saturday: My Wire Empire and EleanorMac!

8x10 Print by My Wire Empire

My Wire Empire/ Melbry is Melissa Bryant. Melissa currently resides in Lawrence, Indiana and creates both fine art work and fantastically fun hand sewn pop art flowers are made from 100% silk dupioni with cute tiny iridescent beads in the center.

Pop Art Flower Pin by Melbry

You can get these beauties as either a brooch or a hair pin. How adorable! Come pick up a Melbry/ My Wire Empire’s print and flowers this Saturday!

Beaded Bookmark by EleanorMac

I’m not sure, but I think the fantastic Jen Wyric of EleanorMac might just be able to walk to her both the morning of Handmade Promenade. Jen currently resides in Broadripple and plans to take every Friday for the whole summer off work to spend some time on herself! Awesome!

Jen makes one-of-a-kind beaded bookbelts- an idea that came to her in a dream! These bookbelts are simply fantastic!

Earrings by EleanorMac

Jen also makes fun jewelry from beads, Lego blocks (the tiny ones!), and planet crayons in shapes like skulls and crossbones!

Don’t miss your chance to pick up a one of a kind treat from EleanorMac or My Wire Empire this Saturday at Luna Music!

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