Handmade Promenade + Luna Music= Awesome!

Yesterday I promised you some exciting news about the first Handmade Promenade, and today I am happy to announce that the first Handmade Promenade will take place at Luna Music’s midtown in conjunction with Luna’s 3rd annual Record Store Day celebration on April 17th!

Luna Music will have the grill going all day cooking up lots of yummies including veggie burgers and veggie dogs, beer from Upland Brewery, free grab bags, live music inside by: AMO JOY, BETA MALE, BURNT ONES, GREY GRANITE, JOHN RAMBO AND THE VIETNAM WARS,  OREO JONES, and THUNDERHAWK, lots of DJ sets outside, and of course exciting handmade indie crafts sponsored by Handmade Promenade!

Want some more exciting news? Handmade Promenade is still looking for craft vendors, so if you are interested in participating, click here for the application information!

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