What is the Handmade Promenade?

Handmade Promenade is designed to be a joint venture between locally owned stores in Indianapolis and local handmade crafters and artists. The business and the crafters will work together to promote one another for special events and beyond. Local brick and mortar stores will open thier doors, sidewalks, and hearts to allow handmade crafters a place to sell and promote their crafty wares. This may occur as a singular event or the local business may decide to sell and display some of the crafters items on an ongoing basis. In return, the crafter will promote through all means available (fliers, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) the stores and the events.

This is the idea of the Handmade Promenade, and today I am very excited to announce that the first Handmade Promenade event is being planned as I type. More exciting news regarding the when and where will be announced very shorty, so please stay tuned for updates!

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